The default value of the pattern in `Socket.receive` is `*l` according
to the documentation and in the `socket.tcp.receive` method of Lua.

The default value of `wanted` in `int hlua_socket_receive(struct lua_State *)`
reflects this requirement, but the function fails to ensure this

If no parameter is given the top of the Lua stack will have the index 1.
`lua_pushinteger(L, wanted);` then pushes the default value onto the stack
(with index 2).
The following `lua_replace(L, 2);` then pops the top index (2) and tries to
replace the index 2 with it.
I am not sure why exactly that happens (possibly, because one cannot replace
non-existent stack indicies), but this causes the stack index to be lost.

`hlua_socket_receive_yield` then tries to read the stack index 2, to
determine what to read and get the value `0`, instead of the correct
HLSR_READ_LINE, thus taking the wrong branch.

Fix this by ensuring that the top of the stack is not replaced by itself.

This bug was introduced in commit 7e7ac32dad1e15c19152d37aaf9ea6b3f00a7226
(which is the very first commit adding the Socket class to Lua). This
bugfix should be backported to every branch containing that commit:
- 1.6
- 1.7
- 1.8

A test case for this bug is as follows:

The 'Test' response header will contain an HTTP status line with the
patch applied and will be empty without the patch applied. Replacing
the `sock:receive()` with `sock:receive("*l")` will cause the status
line to appear with and without the patch

  core.register_action("bug", { "http-req" }, function(txn)
        local sock = core.tcp()
        sock:send("GET / HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n")
        response = sock:receive()
        txn:set_var("", response)

haproxy.cfg (bits omitted for brevity):
        lua-load /scratch/haproxy/http.lua

  frontend fe
        http-request lua.bug
        http-response set-header Test %[var(]

        default_backend be

  backend be
        server s
 src/hlua.c | 5 ++++-
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/hlua.c b/src/hlua.c
index abd096d03..285d25589 100644
--- a/src/hlua.c
+++ b/src/hlua.c
@@ -1869,7 +1869,10 @@ __LJMP static int hlua_socket_receive(struct lua_State 
        /* Set pattern. */
        lua_pushinteger(L, wanted);
-       lua_replace(L, 2);
+       /* Check if we would replace the top by itself. */
+       if (lua_gettop(L) != 2)
+               lua_replace(L, 2);
        /* init bufffer, and fiil it wih prefix. */
        luaL_buffinit(L, &socket->b);

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