On 16/01/2018 18:48, Olivier Houchard wrote:
> Not really :) That's not a case I thought of.
> The attached patch disables the generation of the dynamic cookie if the IP
> is or ::, so that it only gets generated when the server gets a real
> IP. Is it OK with you ?
I'm not sure this will fix the issue.
In this blogpost
the example given is

server-template websrv 1-100192.168.122.1:8080check disabled

Which in fact will do exactly the same as 1 hundred times

server websrvN check disabled

right ?
(I just confirmed that BTW, by switching my 'high-level' templating to
HAProxy's one, and I reproduce the issue).

So, as a conclusion, I'm just not sure that producing this warning is
relevant in case the IP is duplicated for several servers *if they are


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