Le 16/02/2018 à 22:47, Aleksandar Lazic a écrit :
The timeout for Websockets is this


What's the setting for this timeout in your config?

Please share also which version you use maybe the doclink is wrong for
the version you use.

Le 16/02/2018 à 21:42, Baptiste a écrit :
This blog article should answer your questions:

That said, since the time of this article, we release the "tcp-ut" that you may want to set as well to detect faster when a client has disconnected.

Note that a best practice is to implement an application layer "ping" every 1 minute and set the timeout tunnel to 61s.

Thank you all for the links and sorry for a late feedback.
Haproxy is the current stable version 1.8.4.
My current 'timeout tunnel' is 1h.
However in node.js websocket engine the ping is currently set at 15 seconds and the ping timeout is at 30 seconds.
So it seems that 1h tunnel timeout  is quite too long. Something like suggested 61 seconds may be much more appropriate (or even less than that?).
I'm trying to be cautious about setting this timeout too low because there are mobile clients and mobile networks may experience some important lags sometimes.

I am not sure tcp-ut may help here as there is an internal websocket keepalive feature enabled, so there is always some traffic passing through the TCP connection.
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