Hi all

Recently I needed to substitute http headers in requests such as the following:

Referer: https://a-b-c.example.com/x-caliber
Referer: https://a.b.c.example.com/x-caliber

Basically any hyphen in the subdomain part of example.com needed to be replaced 
by dots, but any other hyphens should not be replaced. I tried doing it with 
regsub() but the limitation on the accepted characters (no parenthesis or 
square brackets) limits the possible regular expressions that can be used. Also 
“http-request replace-header” is limited because it does not handle multiple 
matches – if there is more than one match there is no way of back-referencing 
to all matches (so varying number of matches cannot be handled). What I needed 
was a cross between replace-header and regsub. So I am suggesting the 
substitute-header and substitute value actions for http requests and responses.

I have a reference implementation for this on my github branch here: 
https://github.com/darcoli/haproxy/tree/substitute-header-value. I am also 
attaching a patch with my changes with this email.
I have done some testing and am confident the basic functionality works. But 
please review and I will be happy to handle any suggestions or fixes that you 
may have.

Best regards
Darren Demicoli


Darren Demicoli

Devops Engineer


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