Thanks for the information, Lukas. I'm confused why this is not a default 
option though. Can you think of a time when you would ever want the exact same 
binding in multiple places in the config?

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Hello Chad,

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> Haproxy Developers,
> I recently modified a configuration file for haproxy, and after 
> setting it up, I noticed that about half of my requests came back with 
> a 503 error, and the other half came back with the correct elements being 
> returned.
> After doing troubleshooting involving a test haproxy instance and 
> changing the IP address, I realized that I had mistakenly added the 
> same IP binding, 10.x.x.11:443, in two different frontends. As a 
> result, half of my requests had no matching path (we don’t use a 
> default backend), and the other half were using responding correctly.
> Since I cannot think of a time when this would be desired behavior, 
> would it be possible to add a check on haproxy startup for the exact 
> same IP binding in multiple frontends of the same config file? This 
> could save me and others from possibly making this mistake in the future.

You can set noreuseport in the global section to guarantee that there is only a 
single socket bound to a port:


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