Le 05/03/2018 à 21:06, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn a écrit :
today I started experimenting with the HAProxy 1.8.4 release and ran
into a Problem when it comes to reloading the configuration (USR2).
I'm running the release tarball via RPM on a CentOS 7 System in
master-worker mode and every time I perform a "systemctl reload" the
worker process suddenly uses 100% cpu and can only be killed via "kill -9".
Once I do so the old processes go away and two new ones show up and
everything goes back to normal.

After reducing the config bit by bit I was able to isolate the config
that is causing this:

bind abns@haproxy-ssl accept-proxy

Once I replace the "abns@haproxy-ssl" bit with an ip:port combination
the problem goes away so it seems the "abns@" part is the culprit here.


Hi Dennis,

A recent commit could fix your problem:


It was pushed in upstream and will be backported in 1.8. Could you check if it works please ?

Christopher Faulet

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