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> Hello everybody,
> For an application, I use haproxy in TCP mode but I would need to log, from
> the main load balancer machine, all the TCP transactions (incoming packets
> sent to the node then the answer that is sent back from the node to the
> client through the haproxy load balancer machine).
> Is it possible to do such a thing ? I started to dig in the ML and found few
> information about capturing the tcp-request, which does not work for now...
> and I need the response as well... so preferred to ask if someone have got
> an experience doing this. Sure, it will have a performance penalty but
> exhaustive logging is more important than that and it it the best solution
> to avoid a lot of changes in the existing infrastructure we just
> load-balanced.

I don't believe this is possible inside haproxy right now.

If I *had* to do this, I'd start by saying "no", and then I'd work out
how to run a tcpdump process on the machine with carefully tuned
filters and a -w parameter. Then I'd drink something strong.


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