Hi Praveen,

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 02:03:47PM +0000, UPPALAPATI, PRAVEEN wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> The crash got fixed with the patch you provided before. 

Thanks for this useful feedback!

> Do you thing the latest patch will be the right solution?

It should, and if it doesn't, it means we have other bugs at other places
that could still strike on rare situations (eg: memory shortage), so that's
why I really want to ensure that we make the code more robust against this
case. The muxes are a very new thing introduced into haproxy, I'm not that
much surprized that we got a few such inconsistencies, but in general since
they affect everything, any such bug there has a very high risk of being
triggered, which is why I'm confident enough for the long term : if you
don't get it anymore, it's really likely that it's fixed.


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