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On 24 June 2018 at 18:32, Ray Jender <> wrote:
> I am sending rtmp from OBS with the streaming set to  rtmp://”HAproxy server
> IP”:1935/LPC1

> frontend rtmp-in
>         mode tcp
>         acl url_LPCX path_beg -i /LPC1/
>         use_backend LPC1-backend if url_LPCX

> And here is the log after restarting HAproxy with mode=http:
> And here is the log after restarting HAproxy with mode=tcp:

You can't usefully use HTTP mode, as the traffic isn't HTTP.

Haproxy doesn't speak RTMP so, in TCP mode, haproxy doesn't know how
to extract path information (or anything protocol-specific) from the

It can't evaluate the ACL "url_LPCX", so you can't select a backend based on it.

Your best option is to have 4 frontends (or listeners) on 4 different
ports, and route using that information.


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