On 07/10/2018 12:02 PM, Илья Шипицин wrote:
I use Fedora 28 if that matters.
varnishtest installed from repo (dnf install varnish), it is varnish-5.2.1-4.fc28.x86_64

вт, 10 июл. 2018 г. в 14:58, Илья Шипицин <chipits...@gmail.com <mailto:chipits...@gmail.com>>:


    I cloned haproxy.
    built it using:

    make TARGET=generic USE_OPENSSL=1

    when I run tests, it fails:

    [root@pf0sqjlx haproxy]# VARNISHTEST_PROGRAM=`which varnishtest`
    HAPROXY_PROGRAM=`pwd`/haproxy make reg-tests
    **** top   0.0 extmacro def pwd=/home/ilia/xxx/haproxy
    **** top   0.0 extmacro def localhost=
    **** top   0.0 extmacro def bad_backend= 43201
    **** top   0.0 extmacro def bad_ip=
    **** top   0.0 macro def tmpdir=/tmp/vtc.16011.2577ab83
    *    top   0.0 TEST reg-tests/seamless-reload/h00000.vtc starting
    **   top   0.0 === varnishtest "Seamless reload issue with abns sockets"
    *    top   0.0 TEST Seamless reload issue with abns sockets
    **   top   0.0 === feature ignore_unknown_macro
    **   top   0.0 === haproxy h1 -W -conf {
    ---- top   0.0 Unknown command: "haproxy"

Such a message means that your varnishtest program does not support "haproxy" command: it has not been built with the support for haproxy.

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