On 07/11/2018 09:12 PM, Илья Шипицин wrote:

I'm playing with reg tests. Sometimes they fail for weird reasons.
(for example, fedora 28 on gitlab ci)


curl -i -k https://${h1_frt_addr}:${h1_frt_port}


curl -i -k https://::1:38627

which is not correct.
but I could not find any definition of h1_frt_addr, how is it defined?

Well, it is defined thanks to varnish lib APIs. The correct syntax should be curl -i -k https://[::1]:38627 in this case (https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2732.txt).

But h1_frt_addr could also be defined as I guess on hosts where ipv6 is not enabled.

So could you try this patch attached to this mail? Note that with this patch the test is a bit faster.


diff --git a/reg-tests/ssl/h00000.vtc b/reg-tests/ssl/h00000.vtc
index 0765cb4..819f385 100644
--- a/reg-tests/ssl/h00000.vtc
+++ b/reg-tests/ssl/h00000.vtc
@@ -31,14 +31,13 @@ haproxy h1 -conf {
     http-request redirect location /
 } -start
-process p1 "curl -i -k https://${h1_frt_addr}:${h1_frt_port}"; -start
-process p2 "curl -i -k https://${h1_frt_addr}:${h1_frt_port}"; -start
-process p3 "curl -i -k https://${h1_frt_addr}:${h1_frt_port}"; -start
-process p4 "curl -i -k https://${h1_frt_addr}:${h1_frt_port}"; -start
-process p5 "curl -i -k https://${h1_frt_addr}:${h1_frt_port}"; -start
-process p1 -wait
-process p2 -wait
-process p3 -wait
-process p4 -wait
-process p5 -wait
+shell {
+    HOST=${h1_frt_addr}
+    if [ "${h1_frt_addr}" = "::1" ] ; then
+        HOST="[::1]"
+    fi
+    for i in 1 2 3 4 5; do
+        curl -i -k https://$HOST:${h1_frt_port} & pids="$pids $!"
+    done
+    wait $pids

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