1. When in LUA
- I open some socket and left it unclosed (even UDP-sender socket)
- Or open some files (for example, I use LUA-maxmind lib that opens GEO-DB file)

It is never destroyed. With each reload amount of used descriptors grows and 
finally reaches limits.
According to "lsof", all sockets and descriptors are belongs to master process 
and all new worker processes.

Should be some way to destroy it during reload or to really use advantages of 
such transfers.

Tested with Haproxy 1.8.12

2. Since haproxy has LUA, user could have needs for file descriptors that is 
impossible to count.
Is there any real reason to keep "auto-calculated" ulimit-n option with very 
low values, based just on connection limits?

Of cause, it is easy to set (for those who read docs very carefully =)), but 
some extra value could cover a few more cases "from the box", also making a bit 
less critical FD-related bugs.

At least some warning in docs for this option should be useful.

P.s. Looks like FD-limit was the reason for 503 with NOSRV and SC-flag that 
I've described here - 

Wert Revon

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