Am 29.06.2018 um 20:59 schrieb Tim Duesterhus:
> This patch changes the sending side of proxy protocol to convert IP
> addresses to IPv4 when possible (and converts them IPv6 otherwise).
> Previously the code failed to properly provide information under
> certain circumstances:
> 1. haproxy is being accessed using IPv4, http-request set-src sets
>    a IPv6 address.
> 2. haproxy is being accessed using IPv6, http-request set-src sets
>    a IPv4 address.
> 3. haproxy listens on `::` with v4v6 and is accessed using IPv4:
>    It would send a TCP6 line, instead of a proper TCP4 line, because
>    the IP addresses are representing as a mapped IPv4 address internally.
> Once correctness of this patch has been verified it should be evaluated
> whether it should be backported, as (1) and (2) are bugs. (3) is an
> enhancement.

based on the overall lack of responses I assume that you are busy. I
just want to make sure that this patch / bug report did not slip through
the cracks. A short acknowledgement that you received it would be great,
if you are currently unable to take a deeper look at it.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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