On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 07:00:39PM +0200, Cyril Bonté wrote:
> Le 21/08/2018 à 18:36, Willy Tarreau a écrit :
> > Cyril,
> > 
> > if you want to test, please be sure to update to at least 1b13bfd as
> > we've just added another fix on top of this series.
> OK, I was performing some tests, I've now updated with this patch.
> It looks better as now I don't see anymore hangs, but some issues remain.

OK, FWIW I've finally addressed the remaining potential deadlock causes
that could happen between checks and other operations on a same server
around the rdv point. But your issues seem unrelated.

> OK, that one is my fault, I used a "listen" section for use_backend (maybe
> we'll have to secure such configuration error to prevent segfaults).

I don't see how it could be an issue, that's a completely supported
config! You can even have this :

  listen a
     use_backend b if { prefer_b }

  listen b
     use_backend a if { prefer_a }

So any reproducer would be interesting.

> The good news : I kept a configuration with abns, but removed the proxy
> protocol. Everything is working as expected. So, the proxy protocol looks
> to have a main role in the buffer issue.

Thanks for the diag. I don't remember changing anything around the proxy
protocol, but it's possible that something subtle changed. Also it's not
on the regular send/receive path so maybe I overlooked certain parts and
broke it by accident when changing the buffers.

Same here, if you have a small reproducer it will really help. I don't
promise to work on it tomorrow though, I think I figured some of the
stuff that needs to be done on the native HTTP part and I expected to
work on it today but granted myself a distraction by looking at scary
bugs. I must admit I was properly served :-)  But now I really need to
get back to the code to validate my ideas before they escape my mind.


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