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Hi List, Willy,

Hi Pieter,

Sorry for this late reply.

I am also sorry to tell you that -D option should not be used anymore because it as been recently broken. It adds an extra 2s delay on my PC.

Without this option, on my PC the test fails but after having being run during about 300ms due to the regex which does not match. CummConns (resp. CumReq) never reaches 3001 (resp. 3002).

Note that as this script is highly verbose it may be required to increase the varnishtest internal buffer size (see -b varnishtest option).

I've created a regtest that checks that when concurrent connections are being handled that the connection counters are kept properly.

I think it could be committed as attached. It takes a few seconds to run. It currently fails on 1.9-dev2 (also fails on 1.8.13 with kqueue on FreeBSD, adding a 'nokqueue' on 1.8.13 makes it succeed though..).

I think it might be a good and reproducible test to run.?

Or does it need more tweaking? Thoughts appreciated :).

I have shorten the "haproxy -cli" section like that:

haproxy h1 -cli {
    send "show info"
    expect ~ "CumConns: 3001*\\nCumReq: 3002*"
} -wait

Note that all the Slg_1 syslog specs are not completely run because you do not wait for its termination with "syslog Slg_1 -wait" command this is why it does not fails (but it should: the syslog server does not receive 15 messages).


PiBa-NL (Pieter)

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