Hi Fred.

Sorry to be picky but I still think that there is some missing text in the 
documentation, as mentioned before.


MINOR: doc: Add information about "early-hint" http-request action.

As I could be wrong, just ignore this mail.


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Gesendet: 12. November 2018 21:09:23 MEZ
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Betreff: Re: [PATCH] HTTP 103 response (Early Hints)

On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 03:38:28PM +0100, Frederic Lecaille wrote:
> Hello,
> Here is a little series of patches to implement a new http-request
> action named "early-hint" to add HTTP 103 responses prior to any other
> response with headers whose values are defined by log-format rules, as
> this is done with "(add|del)-header" action.

Cool! Applied, thank you Fred :-)


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