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Am 20-12-2018 18:20, schrieb Lance Melancon:

We are testing the load balancer and it's working but I can't see how to direct the server to a specific website such as server.net/site. Is this possible? Syntax? Thanks!

Well yes. I think it is a good starting point to read and understand this blog article.


What you want to do is "HTTP Routing"

For example a short snipplet

acl my_site path_beg -i /site

use_backend my_site if my_site


I would help a lot to have some more Information from you like.

haproxy -vv
anonymized config

As we don't know how much knowledge do you have about http I want to tell you that this statement "server.net/site" 2 parts.

Host: server.net
Path: /site

This is explained in detail in the doc.


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