On Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 11:02:24AM +0530, Nikhil Agrawal wrote:
> Dear Haproxy Maintainers,
> In dns_read_name() when dns name is used with name compression and start
> position of name is greater than 255, name is read from incorrect position
> ( actual position%256). This causes "Invalid dns error" and backend is
> marked as down permanently.
> eg: hexadecimal value at start of dns "0xc1 1b". "0xc" specifies name
> compression being used. in this scenario only "1b" (27) is taken as the
> start of the name but actual name starts from "11b" (283).
> This is a regression scenario starting from version 1.7.0 and is present in
> current version.
> Resolution:
> Include nibble from byte used for checking compression. i.e take "11b" as
> start position of dns name.
> i am attaching patch to fix this bug.

It's indeed a bug, however after checking RFC1035, your patch is still
bogus as it only includes 4 of the 6 bits :


    The pointer takes the form of a two octet sequence:

    | 1  1|                OFFSET                   |
            ^     ^
            |     |
            |     +----- your patch starts here
            +----------- the standard says the length starts here

If you're OK with this I can simply fix it, just let me know. Also I'd
relabel it as medium, as it's an annoyance that requires some efforts to
be worked around, but not a major loss of functionality.

Thanks for the test case by the way ;-)


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