Hi Patrick,

On Thu, Dec 27, 2018 at 01:37:15PM +0000, Overbey, Patrick (Sioux Falls) wrote:
> I have attached connection.c and vars.c (aixchg.tar.bz2) which had to have
> changes to (ip_v and var) variable assignments to compile version 1.8. 
> I have also attached a build log (haproxy-make.zip) for version 1.9 when the
> build failed which has the same code changes to connection.c and vars.c. 

Thanks for your report. That's really sad that it broke, to say the least :-(

The problem that the change addressed was that we were dealing with
init ordering dependencies that really required to do something finer
than what we had till now. Certain things couldn't be pre-initialized
(e.g. thread-local variables), resulting in the need to run through
complex fixing operations when switching to multi-thread.

What you report indicates that your linker doesn't seem to create the
start and end of section automatic symbols that we are relying on. 
Could you please send the output of "ld --version" ? I suspect it's
not a binutils-compatible linker but there might be some options to
make it become more compatible and/or to emit these symbols.

Alternatively maybe you have another linker available on the system.
Please check if you have something called "gld", "gcc-ld" or so, I
wouldn't be surprised.

> When I attempt to add the -bnoquiet to the LDFLAGS, I get an error that it is
> an unrecognized command line option. Here is the command I used that included
> the -bnoquiet. 
> /usr/local/gnu-2018/bin/gmake -B CFLAGS="-maix64" LDFLAGS="-maix64 -bnoquiet"
> TARGET=aix52 USE_OPENSSL=1 SSL_INC=/opt/freeware/include/openssl
> SSL_LIB=/opt/freeware/lib USE_ZLIB=1 2>&1 | tee haproxy-make.log
> gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-bnoquiet'; did you mean
> '-quiet'?

Regarding this one I'm less worried. We default to LD=$(CC) so by just
setting "LD=ld" or wherever your ld is located, it should more or less
be OK.

At the moment I'd really like to see how to make your linker generate
the initcall symbols.


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