Hi all,

I expected to issue 1.9.1 by the end of last week, but spending time
working on unexpected issues postponed this a bit. I figured that it's
not the best week to expect anyone to deploy updates anyway so I'll
rather use the few remaining quiet days to address some pending bugs
and release something cleaner next week.

By the way, I managed to finally implement support for CONTINUATION
frames on H2, making our stack a bit more compliant to the spec. The
patch is reasonably straightforward, so I think I'll backport it to
the next 1.9 (after 1.9.1 is emitted to flush pending bugs), unless
anyone has any issue with this being done (please just let me know).

As previously mentioned, since 1.9 is mostly a technical release and
will not be a long-term maintained version, I expect that adopters are
mostly people living on the bleeding edge and interested in such minor
improvements as long as the risk is considered extremely low, but I'm
fine with enforcing a stricter no-backport policy as well if that's
what users prefer.

The next thing I want to look at is how to pass trailers to H2 in HTX,
and if that can be done with very limited risk, it's also something we
could imagine backporting, which will open the way to gRPC support. No
rush, one thing at a time :-)


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