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Op 2-1-2019 om 15:37 schreef Christopher Faulet:
Le 29/12/2018 à 01:29, PiBa-NL a écrit :
compression with htx, and a slightly delayed body content it will prefix some rubbish and corrupt the gzip header..
Hi Pieter,

In fact, It is not a bug related to the compression. But a pure HTX one, about the defragmentation when we need space to store data. Here is a patch. It fixes the problem for me.
Okay so the compression somehow 'triggers' this defragmentation to happen, are there simpler ways to make that happen 'on demand' ?
Willy, if it is ok for you, I can merge it in upstream and backport it in 1.9.
Christopher Faulet
The patch fixes the reg-test for me as well, I guess its good to go :). Thanks.

PiBa-NL (Pieter)

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