This is a friendly bot that watches fixes pending for the next haproxy-stable 
release!  One such e-mail is sent periodically once patches are waiting in the 
last maintenance branch, and an ideal release date is computed based on the 
severity of these fixes and their merge date.  Responses to this mail must be 
sent to the mailing list.

Last release 1.9.0 was issued on 2018/12/19.  There are currently 31 patches in 
the queue cut down this way:
    - 6 MAJOR, first one merged on 2019/01/04
    - 20 MEDIUM, first one merged on 2019/01/04
    - 5 MINOR, first one merged on 2019/01/04

Thus the computed ideal release date for 1.9.1 would be 2019/01/18, which is in 
two weeks or less.

The current list of patches in the queue is:
    - MAJOR   : htx: Return the good block address after a defrag
    - MAJOR   : servers: Use the list api correctly to avoid crashes.
    - MAJOR   : stream-int: Update the stream expiration date in 
    - MAJOR   : sessions: Use an unlimited number of servers for the conn list.
    - MAJOR   : servers: Correctly use LIST_ELEM().
    - MAJOR   : connections: Close the connection before freeing it.
    - MEDIUM  : servers: Don't try to reuse connection if we switched server.
    - MEDIUM  : mux_h2: Don't add to the idle list if we're full.
    - MEDIUM  : proto-htx: Set SI_FL_NOHALF on server side when request is done
    - MEDIUM  : server: Also copy "check-sni" for server templates.
    - MEDIUM  : log: don't mark log FDs as non-blocking on terminals
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h1: make HTX chunking consistent with H2
    - MEDIUM  : tasks: Decrement tasks_run_queue in tasklet_free().
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: Don't forget to quit the send list on error reports
    - MEDIUM  : servers: Flag the stream_interface on handshake error.
    - MEDIUM  : h2: Don't forget to quit the sending_list if 
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h1: use per-direction flags to indicate transitions
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: mark that we have too many CS once we have more than 
the max
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h1: don't enforce chunked encoding on requests
    - MEDIUM  : servers: Fail if we fail to allocate a conn_stream.
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: don't needlessly wake up the demux on short frames
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h1: Add a task to handle connection timeouts
    - MEDIUM  : dns: overflowed dns name start position causing invalid dns 
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: always restart reading if data are available
    - MEDIUM  : dns: Don't prevent reading the last byte of the payload in 
    - MEDIUM  : cache: Be sure to end the forwarding when XFER length is unknown
    - MINOR   : mux-h2: make empty HEADERS frame return a connection error
    - MINOR   : htx: send the proper authenticate header when using 
http-request auth
    - MINOR   : mux-h2: don't check the CS count in h2c_bck_handle_headers()
    - MINOR   : compression/htx: Don't add the last block of data if it is empty
    - MINOR   : compression/htx: Don't compress responses with unknown body 

The haproxy stable-bot is freely provided by HAProxy Technologies to help 
improve the quality of each HAProxy release.  If you have any issue with these 
emails or if you want to suggest some improvements, please post them on the 
list so that the solutions suiting the most users can be found.

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