On 12/23/18 11:38 PM, PiBa-NL wrote:
Added LUA requirement into the test..

Op 23-12-2018 om 23:05 schreef PiBa-NL:
Hi Frederic,

Hi Pieter,

Sorry for this late reply.

As requested hereby the regtest send for inclusion into the git repository. Without randomization and with your .diff applied. Also outputting expected and actual checksum if the test fails so its clear that that is the issue detected.

Is it okay like this? Should the blob be bigger? As you mentioned needing a 10MB output to reproduce the original issue on your machine?

It is OK like that.

Note that you patch do not add reg-test/filters/common.pem which could be a symlink to ../ssl/common.pem.

Also note that since 8f16148Christopher's commit, we add such a line where possible:

    ${no-htx} option http-use-htx

We should also rename your test files to reg-test/filters/h00000.*

Thank you.


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