On 1/2/19 2:17 PM, Jarno Huuskonen wrote:

Hello Jarno,

Sorry for this late reply.

I started playing with reg-tests and came up with couple of regtests.
Is there a better subdirectory for these than http-rules ? Maybe
map/b00000.vtc and converter/h0000* ?

No, at this time it is ok.

I'm attaching the tests for comments.

reg-tests/http-rules/h00003.vtc fails on my side due to a typo in the regex with this error:

---- h1 0.0 CLI regexp error: 'missing opening brace after \o' (@48) (^0x[a-f0-9]+ example\.org https://www\.example.\org\n0x[a-f0-9]+ subdomain\.example\.org https://www\.subdomain\.example\.org\n$)

.\org shoulb be replaced by \.org

Could you check on your side why you did not notice this issue please?

After checking this issue we will merge your patches. Great work!

Thank you a lot.


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