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Hi List, Willy,

Trying to run some existing regtests with added option: option http-use-htx

Using: HA-Proxy version 1.9-dev10-c11ec4a 2018/12/15

I get the below issues sofar:

#### based on /reg-tests/connection/b00000.vtc
Takes 8 seconds to pass, in a slightly modified manor 1.1 > 2.0 expectation for syslog. This surely needs a closer look?
#    top  TEST ./htx-test/connection-b00000.vtc passed (8.490)

#### based on /reg-tests/stick-table/b00001.vtc
Difference here is the use=1 vs use=0 , maybe that is better, but then the 'old' expectation seems wrong, and the bug is the case without htx?

Note that the server s1 never responds.

Furthermore, c1 client is run with -run argument.
This means that we wait for its termination before running accessing CLI.
Then we check that there is no consistency issue with the stick-table:

if the entry has expired we get only this line:

    table: http1, type: ip, size:1024, used:0

if not we get these two lines:

    table: http1, type: ip, size:1024, used:1
    .*    use=0 ...

here used=1 means there is still an entry in the stick-table, and use=0 means it is not currently in use (I guess this is because the client has closed its connection).

I do not reproduce your issue with this script both on Linux and FreeBSD 11 both with or without htx.

**** h1    0.0 CLI recv|0x8026612c0: key= use=1 exp=0 gpt0=0 gpc0=0 gpc0_rate(10000)=0 conn_rate(10000)=1 http_req_cnt=1 http_req_rate(10000)=1 http_err_cnt=0 http_err_rate(10000)=0
**** h1    0.0 CLI recv|
---- h1    0.0 CLI expect failed ~ "table: http1, type: ip, size:1024, used:(0|1\n0x[0-9a-f]*: key=127\.0\.0\.1 use=0 exp=[0-9]* gpt0=0 gpc0=0 gpc0_rate\(10000\)=0 conn_rate\(10000\)=1 http_req_cnt=1 http_req_rate\(10000\)=1 http_err_cnt=0 http_err_rate\(10000\)=0)\n$"


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