Hi Fred,

On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 10:10:20AM +0100, flecai...@haproxy.com wrote:
> From: Frédéric Lécaille <flecai...@haproxy.com>
> Hi ML,
> With these patches, haproxy switches to the new varnish cache reg testing tool
> named vtest, formerly known as varnishtest.
> From the user point of view, there is no very much differences compared to the
> usage of varnishtest. Before we started the reg testing process as follows:
>    $ VARNISTEST_PROGRAM=<...> make reg-tests
> now we have to run:
>    $ VTEST_PROGRAM=<...> make reg-tests

I also think it's still time to change this before everyone starts to use
it indeed, especially since early adopters are quite autonomous on this.
I nobody objects I'd like to backport this to 1.9 as well so that we keep
the same reg-testing suite.

If someone has issues with the variable name change due to already
deployed tools, we could keep the two and have VTEST_PROGRAM default to

Anyway now that's merged into master.


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