Hi James.

Am 06.02.2019 um 16:16 schrieb James Root:
> Hi All,
> I am doing some research and have not really found a great way to configure
> HAProxy to get the desired results. The problem I face is that I a service
> backed by two separate collections of servers. I would like to split traffic
> between these two clusters (either using percentages or weights). Normally, I
> would configure a single backend and calculate my weights to get the desired
> effect. However, for my use case, the list of servers can be update 
> dynamically
> through the API. To maintain correct weighting, I would then have to
> re-calculate the weights of every entry to maintain a correct balance.
> An alternative I found was to do the following in my configuration file:
> backend haproxy-test
> balance roundrobin
> server cluster1 u...@cluster1.sock weight 90
> server cluster2 u...@cluster2.sock weight 10
> listen cluster1
>     bind u...@cluster1.sock
>     balance roundrobin
>     server s1 <>
> listen cluster2
>     bind u...@cluster2.sock
>     balance roundrobin
>     server s1 <>
>     server s2 <>
> This works, but is a bit nasty because it has to take another round trip 
> through
> the kernel. Ideally, there would be a way to accomplish this without having to
> open unix sockets, but I couldn't find any examples or any leads in the 
> haproxy
> docs.
> I was wondering if anyone on this list had any ideas to accomplish this 
> without
> using extra unix sockets? Or an entirely different way to get the same effect?

Well as we don't know which version of HAProxy do you use I will suggest you a
solution based on 1.9.

I would try to use the set-priority-* feature




I would try the following, untested but I think you get the idea.

frontend clusters

  bind u...@cluster1.sock
  bind u...@cluster2.sock

  balance roundrobin

  # I'm not sure if src works with unix sockets like this
  # maybe you need to remove the unix@ part.
  acl src-cl1 src u...@cluster1.sock
  acl src-cl2 src u...@cluster2.sock

  http-request set-priority-class -10s if src-cl1
  http-request set-priority-class +10s if src-cl2

#  http-request set-priority-offset 5s if LOGO
#  http-request set-priority-offset 5s if LOGO

  use_backend cluster1 if priority-class < 5
  use_backend cluster2 if priority-class > 5

backend cluster1
    server s1

backend cluster2
    server s1
    server s2

There are a lot of fetching functions so maybe you find a better solution with
another fetch function as I don't know your application.


In case you haven't seen it there is also a management interface for haproxy.


> Thanks,
> James Root


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