Am 11.02.2019 um 10:40 schrieb Christopher Faulet:
> Le 09/02/2019 à 10:47, Aleksandar Lazic a écrit :
>> Hi Christopher.
>> Am 07-02-2019 22:09, schrieb Christopher Faulet:
>>> Hi,
>>> This patch adds a new component in contrib. It is a Prometheus
>>> exporter for HAProxy.
>> [snipp]
>>> More details in the README.
>>> I'm not especially a Prometheus expert. And I must admit I never use
>>> it. So if anyone have comments or suggestions, he is welcome.
>> Just for my curiosity, what's wrong with the haproxy_exporter especially
>> that haproxy_exporter uses the csv format from haproxy ?
> Hi Aleks,
> Nothing wrong. haproxy_exporter works pretty well AFAIK. It is just an 
> external
> component and it may seem a bit annoying to deploying it instead of having 
> such
> functionality built-in in HAProxy. Furthermore, haproxy_exporter "only" 
> exports
> proxies and servers statistics. Unlike the built-in exporter, haproxy_exporter
> is limited to what the stats applet exposes in HTTP. So, it cannot export 
> global
> information. And with a bit more work, we can imagine to export even more info
> from the built-in exporter.

You are absolutely right.

> However, to mitigate what I said, it is not an aim for HAProxy to support all
> monitoring and alerting tools (Prometheus, Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB...). 
> So
> it was added under contrib and not officially integrated into HAPRoxy. It is a
> first step of a reflection on the output format for stats to let all kind of
> external tools to retrieve them. But it not a priority either. It was just a
> quick development and now we will wait and see if there is a particular demand
> to go further and how we could address it, if any.

I will add this prometheus-exporter to the dev builds as soon as it's in the 

Maybe we should think about ci with github?


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