Nowadays most VNF (virtual network function) in the telco operators are
built around DPDK. Not demos, most 5G will be like that. 4G is migrating as
we speak on this new architecture.
There isn't any TCP stack built-it but the libraries can be used to build
one. VPP has integrated DPDK in this way.

Linux network stack is not designed to managed millions of packets per
second, DPDK bypass it completely offloading everything in userspace. The
beauty is that also the physical nic drivers are in userspace using
specific DPDK drivers. Linux networking stack works in interrupt mode, DPDK
is in polling mode, basically with a while true.

>From F5 at the dpdk summit as a relevant reference to what HAProxy does.


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> Something like or ? :)
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>> HAProxy requires a TCP stack below it. DPDK itself is not enough.
>> Baptiste

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