Hi Joao.

Am 15.02.2019 um 10:21 schrieb Joao Morais:
> Hi list, I'm tuning some HAProxy instances in front of a large kubernetes
> cluster. The config has about 500 hostnames (a la apache/nginx virtual
> hosts), 3 frontends, 1500 backends and 4000 servers. The first frontend is on
> tcp mode binding :443, inspecting sni and doing a triage; the second frontend
> is binding a unix socket with ca-file (tls authentication); the last frontend
> is binding another unix socket, doing ssl-offload but without ca-file. This
> last one has about 80% of the hostnames. There is also a ssl-passthrough
> config - from the triage frontend straight to a tcp backend.

Please can you tell us which haproxy you use and show us the config, thanks.

haproxy -vv


> I'm observing some latency on moderate loads (200+ rps per instance) - on my
> tests, the p95 was about 25ms only in the proxy, and the major issue is that
> I cannot have a throughput above 600 rps. This latency moves easily from 25ms
> on p95 to 1s or more on p50 with 700+ rps. The problem is of course the big
> amount of rules in the frontend: haproxy need to check every single bit of
> configuration for every single host and every single path. Moving the testing
> hostname to a dedicated frontend with only its own rules give me with about
> 5ms of p95 latency and more than 5000 rps.
> These are my ideas so far regarding tune such configuration:
> * Move all possible rules to the backend. Some txn vars should be created in
> order to be inspected there. This will of course help but there is still a
> lot of `use_backend if <host-acl> <path-acl>` that cannot be removed, I
> think, which are being evaluated on every single request despite the hostname
> that I'm really interested. There are some hostnames without path acl, but
> there are also hostnames with 10+ different paths and its 10+ `use_backend`.
> * Create some more frontends and unix sockets with at most 50 hostnames or
> so. Pros: after the triage, each frontend will have the `use_backend if` of
> only another 49 hostnames. Cons: if some client doesn't send the sni
> extension, the right frontend couldn't be found.
> * Perhaps there is a hidden `if <acl> do <some keywords here> done` that I'm
> missing which would improve performance, since I can help HAProxy to process
> only the keywords I'm really interested in that request.
> * Nbthreads was already tested, I'm using 3 that has the best performance on
> a 8 cores VM. 4+ threads doesn’t scale. Nbprocs will also be used, I'm tuning
> a per process configuration now.
> Is there any other approach I'm missing? Every single milisecond will help.

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