> Em 12 de fev de 2019, à(s) 21:21, Norman Branitsky 
> <norman.branit...@micropact.com> escreveu:
> Do I have to make HAProxy listen on 8443 and just do a tcp frontend/backend 
> for the Manager nodes?

You can bind on another port, you can also bind on another IP address (change 
*:443 to some.ip.addr:443). But if you want or you need to share the same IP 
and port, a possible configuration is to create a tcp mode frontend which 
inspect sni extension and make a triage: manager hostname? Use a tcp mode 
backend and the manager nodes as servers - no data would be changed. This blog 
post[1] is of some help. In the triage, if the request isn't to a maanger node, 
use another tcp backend whose only server is a unix socket. Use also 
send-proxy-v2 in the server declaration. Create another http mode frontend, 
binding that unix socket and accept-proxy keyword to do the ssl offload of your 
worker nodes. hth.


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