Hi Patrick.

Am 26.02.2019 um 20:13 schrieb Patrick Hemmer:
> Now that we have h2 support on frontends, backends, trailers, etc, I'm hoping
> that server side server-push is somewhere on the roadmap. By "server side" I
> mean not this middleware based server-push methodology frequently used where a
> "Link" header is converted to a server push. But instead where the server 
> itself
> can generate the server-push responses.

What do you mean that the HAProxy should do as a proxy and what's wrong with
"Link" header?

As far as I understand the server-push is a method that a server side updates
the client like in chat application.

It would be nice to understand your idea and your use case to see what and how
HAProxy can handle it.

> Is there any plan on this, or when it might be available?
> If it helps for prioritization, our use case for this is reduce processing
> overhead. A single request might require the client to have related resources,
> and those related resources might all involve computation that is shared. If
> each request is handled separately (e.g. Link header to server-push 
> conversion),
> it would result in a lot of duplicated work. So instead we want to do the
> computation once, and push out the multiple responses separately.
> -Patrick


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