On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 12:58 PM Tim Düsterhus <t...@bastelstu.be> wrote:
> The documentation only talks about a slash-delimited value, not about
> being at the beginning.

Technically yes, it works as documented, except the documentation is
misleading by using the work `subdir match` right in the beginning...

Moreover the name of the operator is `dir` which (my guess is that)
most would just mistakenly associate with a file-system, where they
would expect to match a prefix.

I would strongly suggest adding an explicit warning in the
documentation about this pitfall.

> The latter requirement would be redundant with
> the the prefix match: `-m beg`.

`-m beg` isn't exactly equivalent with an actual subdir match, because
both `/test123` and `/test/123` would be matched by `-m beg`, and only
the later is actually "under" the directory `/test`.

In the end I've used two ACL's, `-m dir /test` AND `-m beg /test`.
(Alternatively I could have used two like `-m eq /test` OR `-m beg


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