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Hi All.

Here attached you may find a set of patches related to WURFL module.

Patches from 0001 to 0004 should implements Christopher's last suggestions/issues.

  * segfault when I try to retrieve an unknown data (I mean not listed
    in wurfl-information-list).
  * the channel validity must be checked calling the macro
  * the function ha_wurfl_retrieve_header() is not HTX aware
  * It could be cool to call ha_wurfl_retrieve_header() from the dummy
    library, in wurfl_lookup().

Patches from 0005 to 0008 corrects some small issues found during this activity.

Thank you in advance for your feedback. ( ...and thank you Willy for your clarifications on send_log() )


There is a problem with the third patch ("MINOR WURFL makes ha_wurfl_retrieve_header() HTX aware"). It is probably my fault because my previous feedback was not so explicit. ha_wurfl_retrieve_header() must be HTX aware. But the samples too, ha_wurfl_get_all() and ha_wurfl_get().

In HTTP sample fetches, we should switch on the proxy option PR_O2_USE_HTX to call the right prefetch function. This way:

    if (smp->px->options2 & PR_O2_USE_HTX) {
        /* HTX version */
        struct htx *htx = smp_prefetch_htx(smp, chn, 1);

        if (!htx)
            return 0;
    else  {
        /* LEGACY version */


For other patches, it seems to be good.

Christopher Faulet

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