Hi Ilya,

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 06:37:58PM +0500, ???? ??????? wrote:
> build is green now, we can apply this patch (I skipped "linux-ppc64le" for
> a while)

It's really easier for me if you attach it again. I'm getting about 2k
emails a day and having to do dig through archives to pick one patch
among many is always a pain. And often it gives you an option to discretly
re-edit the patch if you noticed some typos or small mistakes ;-)

By the way since you're talking about travis-ci, I wanted to propose you
something. We could also enable building the WURFL and DeviceAtlas modules
with their dummy libraries now (and likely 51Degrees soon once available).
This way we'll also detect if we broke something there. It's reasonably
easy :

   make -C contrib/wurfl
   make TARGET=.... USE_WURFL=1 WURFL_INC=contrib/wurfl WURFL_LIB=contrib/wurfl 

Just let me know what you think and if that's OK for you, feel free to
propose me a patch :-)


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