Is anyone here involved in this initiative ?

Would be interesting how the routing will work based on ESNI.

Best regards

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Apologies for my mistake earlier: I sent this from an address which
isn't allowed to send to this list.

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    I'm not sure whether posting to this list is the right thing to do;
    apologies if not.

    I'm looking for feedback on what I suggest below.

    The DEfO project ( has work in progress to integrate 
    OpenSSL support for ESNI into a number of applications.

    Not surprisingly, curl is high on our list. We're still exploring how the
    curl application and library are structured and built. One of us will say 
    when we have something presentable.

    Just now, there are a couple of things which I think it would be timely to
    try to agree with people outside the DEfO project, specifically a 
    allocation and a pre-processor symbol for protecting conditional-compilation
    code sections.

    Following the existing pattern for the |ALTSVC| feature, these might be
    (for example),

    |#define CURL_VERSION_ESNI (1<<25) /* ESNI support */ |

    and |USE_ESNI|.

    If this is premature, or doesn't make sense, I'ld appreciate being told.
    Feedback is not necessarily confirmation.

    Thanks in anticipation of a reaction, and best regards,

    Niall O'Reilly
    Tolerant Networks Ltd.


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