cipriancraciun, nutinshell and I discussed in the issue above some Socks use 

Let me summarize the thread here.

cipriancraciun suggest to handle socks similar to proxy protocol.

I don't think that socks could be handled in such simple way

nutinshell have another use case which is a `socks4-redirect`

I thought that a new action for tcp-request content could be a solution.

I see at least this use cases from this thread.

* client with explicit SOCKS support -> HAProxy SOCKS frontend -> normal backend
/ servers -- useful for routing only specific domains through HAProxy

The suggestion here is to handle socks in the same way as proxy protocol. As
mentioned above I don't think that's that easy as the socks protocol is a
request response system which proxy protocol isn't.
There are also not only "the" socks protocol as there is socks4,socks4a and
socks5 with different feature sets and requirements. From what I seen in the
thread is only socks4 with command **connect** expected. This means that the
client sends the destination ip and port therefore haproxy does not need to
resolve the destination.

>From my point of view it is at least a similar option like `accept-proxy`
required for example `accept-socks(4|4a|5)`

One of the question which is open is make `accept-proxy` and
`accept-socks(4|4a|5)` sense?

@cipriancraciun and others opinions?

* client (with / without) SOCKS support -> HAProxy frontend -> SOCKS enabled
server -- useful for traffic filtering, and redirection to a proper SOCKS proxy;

The reason why the patch from alec isn't enough is that answer

>From what I read @alec-liu implemented SOCKS4 in the backend only as a way to
submit requests for to a "fixed" server IP through a "fixed" SOCKS4 proxy 

* socks4-redirect "here we want tcp go directly to socks."

I though it could be handled with a new action in `tcp-request content ..` but
I'm not sure.

``` for example
tcp-request content redirect %[src,map(src2dest.txt)] [{if | unless} 

It would be nice to see how the redsocks2 server handle this redirect as what I
have seen from the code are some firewall tools used for the solution. I had
never such a requirement.

Src: https://github.com/semigodking/redsocks/blob/master/base.c#L306-L318

@nutinshell It would be very helpful to understand what this `socks4-redirect`
do on tcp/socks level.

I think this feature would be nice in HAProxy but I also think it's a huge
amount of work and increases the complexity to debug any errors.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong at any statement.

Opinions, suggestions, patches?

Best regards

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