On Tue, Jun 04, 2019 at 10:32:19AM -0400, Patrick Hemmer wrote:
> The use case was that I was trying to log SSL data (via a Lua script) when
> the connection is first established. If the frontend is operating in http
> mode (as opposed to tcp), we can only apply actions on receipt of a request,
> and not after connection is established. Thus I was trying to use
> http_first_req to trigger the action only on the first request.

Ah OK got it. In this case you would never even be certain to log it in H2,
if for some reason the first request was invalid for example you could end
up processing all other ones but not the first one.

> I suppose an alternate that might work would be to add support for using Lua
> actions with `tcp-request session`.

Yes, "tcp-request session" is indeed more suitable for this.


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