On 6/5/19 3:06 PM, Emmanuel Hocdet wrote:


Hi Emmanuel,

After switched to haproxy 1.9 with threads activated, i noticed a significant memory leak.

Is valgrind able to expose this memory leak?

With threads disable (and bind process omitted) leak disappear.

This seems to be related to stick-table/peers with regard to the (simplified) configuration.

Has this been revealed by a git bisect?

I am trying to understand the impact of the peers configuration simplification on your configuration because as far as I see you do not use this feature.

This feature is used only if you have "table" lines in "peers" sections.

Furthermore this feature has not been backported to 1.9. This is a 2.0 specific feature. Or perhaps I have missed something.

This feature comes with at least this commit:

    MEDIUM: stick-table: Stop handling stick-tables as proxies.


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