Hi Marco,

On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 09:10:19AM +0200, Marco Corte wrote:
> Hello!
> It did not happen for weeks, but today I found again haproxy using a full
> CPU core.
> Haproxy v1.9.8 on Ubuntu 18.04.

Ah, bad :-(

> Actually there was a misalignment in a "peer" stick table configuration
> between the two peers, but I do not know if this can cause the behaviour.
> If anyone is interested, I have "show sess all" and "show fd" outputs.

I'm indeed interested. We've addressed scary issues very recently in 2.0
and I'm interested in comparing if they could match this case or not. If
so this will tell us we'll have to be prepared to backport the fixes, but
I'd rather wait a bit before doing so as they are tricky :-/


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