Am 12.06.19 um 07:38 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
> So my questions are :
>   - does anybody think it's a bad idea ?

I do. Even if the Linux distribution in question theoretically supports
a certain feature you are:

1. Not guaranteed that the development headers are installed.

As a specific example: Debian ships systemd (and by extension
libsystemd) by default. But I would not be able to compile HAProxy with
USE_SYSTEMD without installing libsystemd-dev first.

2. Not guaranteed that the user is interested in certain features.

I guess most are interested in OpenSSL support, but Lua might be more
questionable. Why should I carry the Lua interpreter along when I'm not
using Lua scripts anyway?

Personally I would leave Lua out on most of my servers if I would
compile my own HAProxy [1]. This is because I realized, by doing stupid
but fun things with Lua, that Lua support is way less reliable than
HAProxy's C code. Possibly because most people don't need Lua and thus
it gets less exposure in production.

(1) could be solved with feature detection (e.g. autoconf, but you
probably don't want to touch that). (2) not so much.

Both could be solved with some kind of wizard that asks the user what
they want and detects the appropriate options and flags based on the
system. I believe something similar exists for the Linux kernel (I never
compiled my own kernel).

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

[1] Big if there. I'm super happy with the job the Debian HAProxy team
is doing by providing a separate APT repository for the newest versions.

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