these patches are the result of running

    scan-build make -j4 all TARGET=linux-glibc DEBUG=-DDEBUG_STRICT=1

While it spits out a bunch of false negatives that are quite convoluted these
patches either:

1. Make it easier for clang analyzer to understand the code by making a few 
   adjustments. The one in `proxy_parse_declare` might be questionable, though.
2. Actually fix an issue I could reproduce with a carefully crafted example

Cc'd William on patch 4 (worker) and Christopher on 5 (spoe).

Tim Duesterhus (9):
  BUG/MINOR: cfgparse: Pass correct type to `calloc`
  BUG/MINOR: log: Detect missing sampling ranges in config
  BUG/MINOR: cfgparse: Stop passing NULL to memcpy
  BUG/MINOR: mworker: Fix segmentation fault during cfgparse
  BUG/MINOR: spoe: Fix memory leak if failing to allocate memory
  BUG/MINOR: debug: Silence warning about ignored return value
  MINOR: debug: Make ABORT_NOW() emit abort() for clang analyzer
  MINOR: proxy: Restructure code to assert that `proxy_parse_declare`
    does not leak
  MINOR: h2: Assert that a status line exists in

 include/common/debug.h |  6 +++++-
 src/cfgparse.c         |  5 +++--
 src/flt_spoe.c         |  1 +
 src/h2.c               |  8 ++++++++
 src/log.c              |  5 +++++
 src/mworker-prog.c     | 30 ++++++++++++++++--------------
 src/proxy.c            |  6 +++++-
 7 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)


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