Hello all,

I've found a segfault in v2.0.1. I believe the issue is a no-ssl directive on a 
server line after seeing check ssl on default-server in defaults. Here's the 
snips of my config. I haven't been able to create a minimal config that 
recreates it, since my config is rather complex.

  log  global
  mode http
  default-server ca-file ca-certificates.crt resolvers default inter 5s 
fastinter 2s downinter 10s init-addr libc,last check ssl check-alpn http/1.1 
pool-purge-delay 60s max-reuse 1500 alpn http/1.1
backend varnish
  server varnish_local   unix@/path-to-socket.sock no-check-ssl no-ssl

If I remove no-ssl, it starts up, but the check naturally fails. If I add it 
back, I get a segmentation fault. I've tried this with and without unix sockets 
to verify it wasn't something related to IP binding.

I'm happy to try alternatives / test things a bit.


Luke Seelenbinder
Stadia Maps | Founder

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