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Hi Jarno,

thanks for answer.
I tried to run the haproxy in debug mode, but I do not see the request headers for the upstream in the log.

But I have found some new facts.

Test these 2 scenarios, at this moment there is no valid certs


look for the

See the difference?
For the HTTP, the values are correct, for HTTPS not.

I’m running RH SCL HAPROXY. I could try to compile newer version or are there any for CentOS7?

I don't know how your nginx/php is configured. But try to replace nginx by a ncat. Something like that:

  printf "HTTP/1.1 200 ok\r\nContent-length: 0\r\n\r\n" | nc -l -p  {PORT}

You will see the request from the server point of view. If it still fails, share the smallest HAProxy configuration to reproduce the bug.

Christopher Faulet

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