I use HAP 2.0.1 with haproxy service with my image.
After some times (~several hours) the ssl handshake stops working for the https
frontend which offers the prom service.

The config is mainly the same as showing at the blog post


I have just added this line.

http-request use-service prometheus-exporter if { path /mymetrics }

This is the prometheus config snipplet.

  - job_name: 'me2d-prom'
    metrics_path: '/mymetrics'
    scheme: 'https'

    - targets: ['cloud.domain']


The lines in the logs does not show too much

::ffff:85.10.XXX.XXX:40276 [05/Jul/2019:13:53:33.532] https-in/1: SSL handshake

Have someone used this service in the main https config?
Which data (show ...) should I provide to debug this topic?

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