I'm having an issue with HAProxy causing CPU spikes with certain traffic.

We have a client who is downloading lots of URL's during the night. When the download starts there is not much other traffic going on and there doesn't seem to be any problem. But, when the morning comes, 'normal' traffic starts hitting HAProxy and every 10 seconds or so, HAProxy starts eating 100% of CPU while network traffic drops. When HAProxy stops eating CPU after 10 seconds, network traffic rises again. When the crawler is finished everything returns to normal. So it looks like some kind of mix of traffic which causes it.

I've tested it with HAProxy 1.8.20, 1.9.8 (which I am running by default) and 2.0.1. They all show the same behaviour. I also tried with 2 different kernels to see if anything happens there. With kernel 4.9 top show HAProxy using 100% CPU where 50% is user and 50% is system. With kernel 4.19 I see 100% CPU usage with 70% user and 50% system.

I also tried with disabling H2, splicing, and some regexes I use. Even tried new hardware, and moved it to a VM just to see if I could find any difference, but none...

Does anyone have a good idea how to troubleshoot this any further?



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