Hello Veiko,

On Tue, 9 Jul 2019 at 15:40, Veiko Kukk <vk...@xvidservices.com> wrote:
> On 2019-07-08 16:06, Lukas Tribus wrote:
> > The bug you may be affected by is:
> > https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/issues/141
> >
> > Can you check what happens with:
> > nbthread 1
> I'm afraid I can't because those are production systems that won't be
> able to service with single thread, they have relatively high ssl
> termination load.

You could probably raise nbproc at that point, if you can get away
with some stats issues ...

How are you currently working around this issue? Did you disable
external checks? I'd assume failing checks have negative impact on
production systems also.

Willy, in issue #141 in sounds like you already have an idea how this
could be fixed, is there a patch that we can ask Veiko to try for


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