Am 11.07.19 um 08:48 schrieb Sander Klein:
> I seem to have runaway HAProxy process since yesterday evening around
> 20:50. This process is eating up 100% CPU continously. (HAProxy 1.9.8)
> Of course I can just kill it and go on with my life, but I was wondering
> if there was any interest to see if we can uncover a bug here. If so,
> please let me know what you need from me.

Try attaching to the process with `gdb -p 12345` with 12345 being the
process ID. Then:

1. Get a backtrace for all threads: thread apply all bt
2. Generate a core file: generate-core-file

If you are also able to connect to the stats socket of that process then
the following might be helpful as well:

1. show info
2. show fd
3. show activity
4. show sess all

Afterwards you should be able to kill the process, because you extracted
all relevant information. Keep the core file somewhere safe, do not send
it to the list, it contains very private information such as TLS private
keys. It might be helpful in case a developer needs additional
information, though.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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