Last night I tried upgrading from haproxy 1.9.8 to 2.0.2. After upgrading I get random 502's and random instant 504's when visiting pages.

For the 502's I see the following in the log:

Jul 18 08:14:09 HOST haproxy[2003]: xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx:xxx::xxx [18/Jul/2019:08:14:09.133] cluster1-in~ cluster1/BACK1 0/0/0/-1/0 502 1976 - - PH-- 382/129/8/5/0 0/0 {somesite.nl|Mozilla/5.0 (Win|354|https://somesite.nl/stuff/goes/here/xxx} {} "POST /stuff/goes/here/xxx HTTP/2.0" Jul 18 08:15:08 HOST haproxy[2003]: x.x.x.x:50004 [18/Jul/2019:08:15:08.712] cluster1-in~ cluster1/BACK2 0/0/0/-1/0 502 1976 - - PH-- 365/150/5/2/0 0/0 {somesite.nl|Mozilla/5.0 (Win||https://somesite.nl/other/stuf/here/please/xxx} {} "GET /img/uploads/path/somejpeg.jpg HTTP/2.0"

The 504's are another thing, I do not see them logged at all. The only things I notice is that they are instant, so no timeout is reached.

Downgrading back to 1.9.8 fixes the problem again. I might try disabling htx later today to see what happens.

The backends are NGINX servers which talk plain http/1.1.


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