I'm trying to configure Haproxy w/ Keepalived to pass TLS encrypted traffic from the VIP to the underlying hosts which are also themselves running with TLS Certificates.

Highlevel overview of the setup:

server1:7182  ( TLS Encrypted )
server2:7182  ( TLS Encrypted )

srv-cluster01:7182              ( TLS Encrypted )

Right now I have the client trying to connect to the server via an Haproxy/Keepalived two node cluster, however I'm getting:

SSLError: certificate verify failed

Both the server is Java based and so is the Client Agent app. I've added the private key to the


Appears as if though the traffic is passing through however the certs aren't matching up.

So I'm wondering if anyone could share their config that I could use as an example of how things should be configured in this scenario.


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